Burberry suit show in three dimensions

success of the film "Avatar" has given a powerful impetus of 3D-technology. And now they are moving from the film industry in all related industries. As part of the upcoming London Fashion Week Burberry made a presentation of his new collection autumn / winter in three-dimensional format. "Live" show will take place February 23 at the College of Art and Design in Chelsea at 4 pm. Together with the audience in the hall of the action will be watching hundreds of people around the world. Thanks to the technology of three-dimensional images of people many kilometers from the place of the show will be able to get almost the same feeling that the observers from the podium. As the creative director of Burberry, Christopher Bailey, closed shows a virtual place in Paris, New York, Dubai, Tokyo and Los Angeles. "We are very pleased to be the first global show organizers, - he shared his joy Bailey. - 3D-technology allows to move our audience from all over the world to London and allow them to see with their own eyes the colors, fabrics, to hear the music - in short, to become a part of the event. " But those who did not get an invitation to the three-dimensional display, remains content with 2D-image on the site live.burberry.com.


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