Roman Abramovich

billionaire Roman Abramovich, Russian authorities are going to ask them to help bring up the domestic football. According to sources in the presidential administration, with the Russian Football Union (RFU) can be created by the Board of Trustees, who will head Abramovich. According to available information, the decision may be made in April. In addition to Roman Abramovich, the Council will include representatives of big business - Chairman of the Board of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller, the president of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin and co-owner of "Kuzbassrazrezuglja" Andrew Bokarёv. These entrepreneurs are not chosen randomly. Roman Abramovich - the largest sponsor of Russian football, "Gazprom" controls the club "Zenith" from St. Petersburg, Russian Railways - Moscow "Locomotive". And only Bokarev has not yet been seen in the financing of football, I say "Vedomosti". But he has experience in managing sports projects: an entrepreneur led the Federation of skiing and snowboarding Russia.


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