At Baselworld 2010 in Basel, Switzerland Chanel

at Baselworld 2010 in Basel, Switzerland introduced new Chanel watch from the J12, created in collaboration with artists from Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi. J12 series is celebrating its twelve-year anniversary and the new Chanel J12 Rétrograde Mystérieuse become a landmark in its history. The new creation has turned out amazing and technical point of view and from an aesthetic. Open the front panel allows you to admire the work of the movement with a tourbillon. For convenience, worn on the hand, the side of the head moved to the front panel and made retractable. But this decision has set watchmakers difficult task: the arrow on its way rested against the crown. We solved the problem elegantly. It was based on the principle of retrograde movement of the minute hand - forward until it stops, and then back on the dial, to the other side of the crown. On the way back from the minute hand takes 10 minutes, and that at that time it was possible to read the time, between five and six hours is an LCD display showing the current time. How it all looks in action - you can view vidorolike under the cut. The price of the new chronometer is not reported, but rest assured that in such beauty will have to shell out a tidy sum with lots of zeros.


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