Ladies Watch

ladies watches are available with rare complications - usually buyers did not care about the technical aspects, and only care about appearance. Such things as the tourbillon fairer sex to anything. The new Chanel Camélia Flying Tourbillon French house harmoniously combined and jewelry elegance and technical mastery. The release of this model is confined to the 25-th anniversary of the birth of Chanel Premiere, the first timepiece of the French house. This is the second model after turbiynom J12, released in 2005. But seven years ago the model was positioned as a "unisex", whereas the Camélia Flying Tourbillon purely feminine work. Recent trends in the watchmaking world show a significant shift in fashion for women's timepieces. More and more they approach on the part of male mechanics. But they remain refined, truly feminine charm. Look at the flying tourbillon Chanel Camélia - the exact mechanism has turned into an elegant metal flower. Actually, his name - "Camellia" - this model was due to the tourbillon cage. And its octagonal shape of the body clock "obliged" the cult of the vial stopper Chanel No. 5, which, in turn, was inspired by the geometry of the Place Vendome in Paris. The design of Chanel Camélia Flying Tourbillon also conjured renowned Swiss master manufacture Renaud & Papi. The novelty will release a limited edition of 20 copies.


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