Louis Vuitton is recognized as the most expensive brand

According to a study conducted by Millward Brown Optimor, the most expensive luxury-brand it is Louis Vuitton. Its cost is $ 19, 8 billion. LV leads by a wide margin: the second place is occupied by Hermes, valued at $ 8, 45 billion. They are followed by Gucci ($ 7, 58 billion.), Chanel ($ 5, 54 billion.) And Hennessy ( $ 5, $ 36 billion.) According to the editor Fashionista Lauren Sherman, this year's major brands have focused on its historical heritage. Louis Vuitton advertising campaign promoting travel accessories, thereby returning to the original business of the company - Trunks. Hermes years later again he began producing saddles and sponsored a horse show in Paris. Gucci focused on vintage handbags, and in conjunction with Christie's launched a service for collectors. The greatest growth in the last year managed to dobitsya Hermes. Their business grew by 8%. And worst of all had to fashion brands. Prada all flew out of the top 10 companies, and Chanel has lost 11% of its value. "Perfume and leather goods Chanel will always sell, as they have already become classics - says Sherman. - But unlike from Gucci and Louis Vuitton company is more associated with high fashion. All the brands for which the podium is more important boutiques, suffered greatly. " Full list of the most expensive companies can be found at Fashionista.


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