The Story of a performance or 20 years later

This story began long time ago. In 1976, the city rejoices Amsterdam. Met two young creative people - Marina and Uwe. Loved.
And as they worked in the genre of performance, and then began to act together. We have this genre is not so very popular, but in some places it is claimed.
They lived in a single being, the same clothes to buy. They knew everything about each other - no secrets there.
Performance "death itself" conducted. To do this, their lips were glued with a special compound. They each other exhaled carbon dioxide. They lasted for seventeen minutes - they lost consciousness. But the experiment itself is curious.
All come to an end. Ended and the idyll in relations Marina and Uwe.
They decided to finish the relationship unbanal - hike along the Great Wall of China.
In 1988, Uwe started the path of the Gobi desert, Marina - from the coast of the Yellow Sea. Gone are equally - two and a half thousand kilometers. And parted. Beautiful, dammit. Everyone would be so.
Each went his path.
In 2010, Marina held in The Museum of Morden Art performance "The Artist is present." The bottom line is that - in the eyes of the artist can look any visitor.
Marina girl is still full of energy - exchange of views took nearly a month. During this time, sat down face to face about fifteen thousand people.
But one look was special.


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