When and sandwich ohotku

The kids do not always adequately perceive appeals to eat properly and in a timely manner (and I understand them). Especially if the food is already bored and traditional, and want something new, interesting and have not yet tried.
And the parents? Yes nudyat in most cases. From traditional appeals "must be so, you will grow up healthy (healthy)" to the mournful persuasion "another piece", "for the pope, for my mother."
Appetite this approach does not appear, it is a fact, but the rejection of sustainable "food from home" - a very progressive. And once again it sounds rhetorical "what to do". But who knows. Everyone comes up with himself. As his creativity.
For example, a graphic designer and caring father David Laferrer draws on bags with sandwiches different subjects. Plots unpretentious, but the intricacy and do not need. But there is a very good sense of humor and caring father. And God is with him that the filling can sometimes be repeated. Pope because the designer, not cooking. But the picture is changing every day. And the accompanying drawings, David makes for almost five years. More than a thousand copies in the collection! In principle, it is possible and to do a solo exhibition.
And streskat such crackers on the break, I think it is a pleasure.
By the way, creativity David appreciated DailyMail. You look, and will replace the cheerful dad activity. The one that is closer in spirit.


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