Small survivor

This financial institution dates back to the late 19th century. More precisely, since 1890.
Nor can it treat its customers an abundance of banking products. Not what online services. He even does not provide credit card! I would say more. Until recently, more precisely up to 2009, in the computer and it is not there. And all operations were carried out using a standard calculator, barn (or whatever?) Books and ordinary typewriter.
However, not very numerous, but a grateful clientele, despite the complete lack of advertising and a minimum of banking products, trust your bank. Himself, by the way, a small bank in the world, Raiffeisen Gammesfeld, located in Germany, in the village under the name, you guessed it, Gammesfeld.
The manager, who is also the cashier, who is also cleaner Peter Breiter know in the face of all its customers and computerization it is, in principle, not really something and needed, as all business is conducted in the same way as one hundred and twenty years ago. But - the spirit of the times.
And although the maximum issued in the history of the bank loan did not exceed six hundred and fifty euros, and the annual profit - within forty thousand rubles of European (no matter where, by the way?), Something whispers to me that this dwarf banking world will grant loans and then when pochinut in Bose "Private", "Prominvest" and other "Alpha"


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