Was the boy, then?

When he was at the Union in the then national newspapers, and on TV slipped periodically information about the incredible age until which survived Caucasian centenarians. One hundred and fifty. Even one hundred and sixty years. Under what sauce it was served, of course. Healthy lifestyle, nutrition and wonderful mountain air. And, leading and guiding role of wise party, of course. In one of the songs of those years have the line "we want all records give the names of our calls." It was quite seriously and was not just sports.
The maximum documented age at which people live, is a hundred twenty and two years. In this century, the venerable in 1997, died Frenchwoman Jeanne Louise Calment. Also impressive. But is not the same. Represented more or something.
There are, however, a mysterious semi-mystical story about a Chinese citizen Li Ching-Jun. When The New York Times in 1933, published in several newspapers including another obituary, it was absolutely fantastic Unknown age - 256 (two hundred and fifty-six) years. Biography of this mysterious character is extremely meager - was born in Sichuan, to ten years managed to visit several holy places, including in Tibet and Siam. Quite ascetic ate ​​- rice wine, yes, was collecting herbs. In fact, many people can boast of and more austerity.
Regards as its intended age know the following - a professor and dean of the University Minkuo Wu Chang-Shin became interested in the life and longevity Lee and shoveled a mountain of documents for confirmation or refutation of the data. Survivor himself claimed that he was born in 1736. That is, at the moment it starts searching should be 194 years. And Chang Shin found documents. It was unbelievable, but it turned out that the object of the search was born even earlier - in 1677. Among other papers were congratulations sesquicentennial and bicentennial of the Imperial Government of China.
How to know if it was the same Li Ching-Yun or his full namesake? Especially because according to contemporaries, the elder looked like a man of sixty. (Again, as in those days looked "normal" Chinese that age - he was still a question). It is unlikely that we will ever know for sure it's true or a hoax, but still interesting - but how many are actually able to live a modern man?


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