The secret of longevity 123-year-old citizen of Bolivia, quinoa, mushrooms and Coca

Quinoa, mushrooms and Coca these plants 123-year-old citizen of Bolivia calls the secret of his longevity.

Forty one million forty thousand eighty three

An indigenous Bolivian farmer Carmelo Flores Laura lives in a hut with a thatched roof in a village near lake Titicaca at an altitude of 4,000 meters. Him 123 years. Flores says the secret to his longevity — a diet rich in Superfoods and quinoa, the mushrooms collected on the river Bank, and Coca leaves.

"Potatoes with quinoa is a delicious meal", said Flores in his native language of the Aymara.

Although the Guinness Book of records title of the oldest person who ever lived on Earth, belongs to the French grandmother of Jeanne calment who died in 1997 at age 122 years, Bolivian authorities confirm that Flores currently 123 years. He was born July 16, 1890. He even has a passport confirming his age.

The phenomenon of Flores is not only that he's still alive, but that he leads a pretty active life: he still walks every day, messing around in the village streets and occasionally playing dominoes with the neighbors.

Thirty nine million four hundred nine thousand sixty one

"I don't know how long I'll live,' he says. Is only God knows. When he decides that I must die, I will die. And while I live and don't think."

Survivor tells journalists that have never been seriously ill. Flores attributed his longevity to the fact that every day is a lot of walking, not eating rice or noodles. He eats lamb, grains of barley, had grown potatoes and beans. The water he only drinks mountain spring, do not consume alcohol. But every day chewing Coca leaves: according to him, they help him breathe happily.

And he regularly eats berries: cherries, chokeberry, BlackBerry, cranberry, acai berry, raspberries.

Seventy nine million five hundred ninety five thousand five hundred sixty

From the physical problems he had only a bad memory. Flores perfectly sees and hears and complains that because of the risk of dying does not depart from the house further than 80 kilometers. 80 kilometers away is the town of La Paz, where it occasionally happens, because he doesn't want "to keep up with life". The city, however, he never lived. "My father lived there at one time. He felt that he was in prison. So the city I do not want," he says.

Flores in the village alone: all his friends and children long dead. "Every person I knew died long ago. I am the only resident in the village. Even my wife died" — he complains.

Simple life Flores will not be called: in the years 1932-35, he participated in the war of Bolivia and Paraguay. In those days he had to hunt skunks to survive.



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