The mistakes of parents, which are costly to children

Seventy one million seventy nine thousand three hundred ninety nine

Probably, every parent wants his child to grow up healthy and happy. We strive to give as much as possible.

Developed in groups of early development, we select a school with better teachers and a swimming pool, give in sports, teach music and the arts, rhetoric, and foreign languages. And all this, of course, in the hope that when our child grows up, he will have the necessary knowledge and skills to become a happy person and to maintain your health. Since childhood we always try to find the best doctors pass a lot of tests to monitor the health of our child.

We comply with all regulations, take vitamins, do massages, go to the procedure. Nanny and governess watching every step the younger generation, even at sea and in journeys to European and American destinations. We successfully protected the child from the terrible and horrible, and largely incomprehensible to us by the Internet, can't watch grown-up TV show, watch books and magazines, who reads our offspring. We closely follow the terms of its dialogue, and every time it limited. We read many books, received advice from leading experts on raising children and feel confident. We have learned not to show his bad behavior, and all conflicts within the family to keep the children not to throw out. We children respect their parents, do not allow sharp statements. We prefer healthy green food fast food.

We have done everything necessary and wait for the result.

And the result is. But very often he is not what we expected... years Go by and next to us grows incomprehensible to us the person who loves computer games and doesn't like to work, prefers fast food, smokes in school cigarettes and sometimes weed, drinks with friends, when we do not see, he prefers to talk only about what he needs, and everything else hides. Sometimes the child grows completely understandable and even predictable, very obedient and does everything perfectly, he's a straight a student, successful at University, we are proud that he found a good job, but I can not understand why he is unhappy and often sick.

Modern medicine does not stand still. And even gives us a universal recipes ready to help in any situation. However, the main cause of the health problems yet still no one has overcome.

Why, despite all our knowledge, spent years of effort we get at the output an unpredictable child with whom it is difficult to find a common language, which suffers, is sick, and can't find the meaning of your life?

The answer to this question is given in a recent study conducted by Professor Anita Kelly of the University of Notre Dame.

It turns out that the main factor that causes our body to chronic stress and stress is the cause of the violation of internal harmony and physiological harmony is the basis for the emergence of diseases and dependencies, prevent the development of healthy relationships is a daily lie.

According to the theory of functional systems of academician of the Academy of Sciences and USSR Academy of medical Sciences, P. K. Anokhin, the accuracy of information transfer is a critical parameter for the health of any living system and man is no exception. Modern physiology tells us that the average person is able to adapt to any environment while maintaining a positive emotional background. Chronic, ongoing violations of feedback in the environment in which growing and developing people is the main cause of negative emotions, even in the complete well-being. Deliberately allowing in my life, the distortion of information (which is more understandable to us as a lie), we unconsciously translate these distortions and on our children. Small contradictions in our words and actions, invisible to us, the failure of these child fleeting promises of mutual deception between the parents, resulting in a huge and serious problem.

The manipulation of the love that we make in respect of the child, attempts to make him "human" lead to the deepest conflict of duality in his head. A child's world is limited to our world, it is part of the body called the family and the accuracy of communication in it, from honesty in every moment of life of this organism depends on the health of the child.

Strife-torn psyche of the kid looking for a way out of this situations in which love is struggling with violence, rejection of his personality for what it is, and finds him in the approval of the pathological mechanisms of psychological defense, often associated with widespread diseases such as immunity, allergies, dermatitis, breathing ailments, digestion and nervous system.

Often leaking unnoticed, a state of chronic contradiction in the mind, doubt is gradually gaining strength and becoming parts of nature, the elements of the psyche are already younger adult. Gaining access to resources and information that open as they grow older, the child gets the opportunity to find like-minded people and to try means to quickly and easily remove permanent state of dissatisfaction, so widespread in our society. And such funds are quickly — someone is alcohol and drugs, sex and violence, someone is money and power, recognition in the society. Someone rolled down, someone slips up. But the way our brain that external satisfaction internal dissatisfaction only energizes and increases the "black hole" of our consciousness, in the furnace where you burn all the new adult toys.

Outwardly successful, inside empty people fill our streets and houses, covered with frustration and pain, waking up with sadness and a hangover, continue the daily work to create appearance and false smiles that allows you to make money and name, earning another dose of external source of buzz...

And no matter how we pretended as if we could not cover this gap within ourselves, every time we find her with surprise in their children, parents, and themselves.

The science that thousands of years have served us, materializing the most unimaginable desires, in our age, capable of change finally ourselves.

Outstanding scientists of our time believe that the reality around us is nothing more than a fiction, the result of our consciousness.

An outstanding cell biologist, one of the developers of the biotechnology of artificial grown organs, University Professor, Wake forest Robert Lanza says: "Space and time are not tangible objects, we just think they really are. Everything you see right now is a whirlwind of information passing through consciousness. Space and time — a simple tool to measure abstract and concrete things."

He was echoed by Nobel Laureate in physics, Eugene Wigner "no matter How evolved the way our future concepts, the study of the external world led to the conclusion that the content of consciousness is the ultimate reality."

Student P. K. Anokhin, RAMS academician, Professor K. V. Sudakov says bluntly: "the Information flow is the primary essence of man".

Knowing this, you can immediately understand the deep essence and the immense importance held in NDU research. It becomes clear that to preserve the meaning of human life and addressing the deep gap between the desired and actual requires to maintain the greatest possible, absolute accuracy in any relationship to which we belong. Only the observance of honesty in the relationship with children gives us a real chance — a unique opportunity to truly raise a healthy child and to teach him not to "step on the same rake". Realizing that our child exactly what it is, is a mirror of our domestic and social relations, we can see ourselves in it, to accept, to understand and forgive. This gives us the opportunity to at least be honest within yourself to feel the reality of his life, and thus to take the first step to her healing.

At the end of the tunnel, in which each of us to dive, is the highest award for daily honesty is the true Love, true Friendship and real health in all aspects of life — these values, these all is not enough.

Worth a try...

Author D. Shamenkov


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