Coney not vynni

Filming dealing responsibly. It is understandable - in all of this money spinning very decent. And in the film. And in the advertising business. Therefore, the time is highly valued and rasslabuha front of the camera is not allowed. On the other hand, people with a very pretty exhausting and sometimes just need a discharge. Relaksik. Sometimes, the process itself throws up cases which remain after tense rather difficult.
Capturing enough scale advertising trailer for one of the Ukrainian telecom operators. The operator is very serious. Measured out of money to advertise yourself, a loved one, even in these times, a lot. The director of the US, extras and more knights in full gear on horseback - "War and Peace" is resting.
Run. Another. The director did not like the place in the frame on a horse protagonist. Somehow unnatural horse moves. Goes in spurts, bucks. Chase a few more takes - not that. A "knight" had evaporated, too - there armor under 50 kilo weight. A horse with slazit also not sugar - then climb again have.
Make a small pereryvchik who vodichki who tea, coffee anyone. "Knight" our straw poked through the visor. And one of the subservient horse blanket came correct. Starts correct.
And suddenly this man literally bends in an arc from laughing. And he stands vpopolam and laughs that your horse. Then he asks beckon director. And that shows. And start to laugh is all coming up.
It turns out that blanket slipped very interesting. Just so that gently fidgeted on the device horse. And he behaved accordingly. And the fact of excitement just spolzshey blanket and cover.
Laughed. Relaxed. Trimmed harness. And so quickly dosnyat desired scene.


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