Tattoo parlors for shoes by Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin men's shoes started in 2008, creating an exclusive model for fashionistas in very limited quantities. In late August, the brand marked its intention to expand sales, opened in Paris, the first men's boutique Christian Louboutin. The designer worked on the design store together with designer Eric Clough. It was necessary to create a truly masculine interior, as the brand CL in primarily associated with women's shoes required clearly define "sexual identity" of the new boutique. ┬źmasculinity┬╗ Interior gave the Jets vintage chairs and tables from the "Star Trek"; floors are finished with tanned skin, leather with embroidery adorned the walls of institutions, and ceilings covered with metal plates. Here not confuse who it is intended the store. On the question of the buyer - "What do you have glitter?" - It offers high sneakers for $ 993, or the model with crystals from crystal for $ 2 278. One of the "chips" boutique became a tattoo parlor, where artists razrisuy acquired shoes. According to WWD, Louboutin offers its customers to create their own logos to be tattooed on the shoe. They modeler sees a modern equivalent of tribal emblems. However, finishing the shoe will take a long time - about three months.


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