Novelist Danielle Steel - a fan of Christian Louboutin

The master in the field of women's shoes Christian Louboutin told the secret of his greatest admirer. His creations can be seen on the feet of many celebrities - Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez and many others. But most of all Christian Louboutin shoes at the American novelist Danielle Steele. "When she arrived in Paris, she literally buys everything - said the designer. - After flying back to New York, she said that she was a little upset because the store did not have anything. At the same time it goes out of the store with 80 pairs of shoes. She is gorgeous". Louboutin said, Danielle Steele collection has more than 6,000 pairs of shoes. Even a huge collection of shoes wife Philippine ruler Imelda Marcos pales in the light of the figures made public.


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