Russian fed up with traditional yachts

the end of January at the Yacht Club de Monaco (Yacht Club de Monaco) Major yachting industry gathered at the symposium La Belle Classe, to discuss the current state of affairs. Business people pin their hopes for prosperity with growing markets, and above all - with Russia and China. Buyers from these countries are legislators yachting fashion. As the lawyer for Law of the Sea, of the London law firm Hill Dickinson Tony Allen returned to the Russian market, but the current is much younger clientele. "It is a" third generation "of Russian ship owners and it is on average younger than 10-12 years, - he says. - They are interested in new design and modern approaches rather than traditional maritime culture. " With the agreement of the expert conclusions lawyer Eric Ogden, asserting that the future belongs to the designers and innovators, such as Espen Oeyno and Martin Francis. Yacht business not yet fully recovered from the 2008 crisis. According to brokers, the price is now lower by 30-40% compared to pre-crisis period. Businessmen hope that wasteful Chinese nouveaux riches to help in the recovery. Amy Milner from Kingship China noted that while customers from the Middle Kingdom little knowledge of yachts and are oriented primarily on the brand. Many participants of the symposium remain skeptical with regard to China and prefer to focus on Latin America, where wealthy public has a taste of luxury holiday on the water.


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