Italian superyacht

the top list of the biggest yachts a small revolution: the Italian shipyard Fincantieri Yachts has launched its first ever Superyacht name Serene. The ship turned in length of 440 feet (134 m), so in the yachting table of ranks, he takes ninth place, surpassing Al Mirqab Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Dzhassema al-Thani (133 m) and go outside the top 10 Octopus Paul Allen ( 126 m 2). "Siren" designed by famous designer bureau Espen Øino. The first superyacht Fincantieri has seven spacious decks, two helipads, a large swimming pool, a hangar, which placed a small boat and a submarine that can dive up to 100 meters. The total area of ​​the inner space of 4500 square meters. Of these, 2700 are for the ship owner and his guests. "The host meter 'has got off one of the most famous yacht designers of interiors Pascale Reymond from Reymond Langton Design. Ship Serene it cost the customer $ 300 million. Release of this yacht has become a major triumph for the whole of the Italian ship industry. "Siren" is the first superyacht to Appenine, ranked in the top 25 largest private ships. But for Fincantieri large size is not a novelty: prior to 2006 the shipyard was not involved at all the yachts and cruise liners built, barge, container, etc., in comparison with which even Abramovich's Eclipse will look like a small boat. But progress Italians are not going to stop. Fincantieri has been laid on the superyacht Victory length 459 feet (140 meters) - she was perched on the fifth place in the top 10. Updated on 1.09.2011: It is reported that this yacht belongs to Yuri Shefler. As the second compatriot in the top yachts.


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