"Siren" length of 134 meters

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and his Octopus flew outside the top ten largest yachts. Nisproverzhitelem became newly built at the Italian Fincantieri shipyard yacht Serene. The length of the new items is 134 meters, and thus the ranking of yachts she gets to ninth place, exactly for the floating brothel Savarona. On the construction of the ship it took four years. Designed yacht Office Espen Oeino, and luxurious interior decoration designed Pascal Raymond from the London studio Reymond Langton Design. The yacht has seven decks, a closed hangar and two helipads. The vessel features a large outdoor pool with sea water, as well as the submarine, allowing dive to a depth of 100 meters. Who is the customer superyachts - not disclosed.


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