Perilous Voyage Paul Allen

Usually, talking about swimming on superyachts, mean measured voyage under the hot Mediterranean sun and the Caribbean. So it was completely unexpected to see the yacht of billionaire Paul Allen's Octopus off the coast of Pond Inlet, a small Inuit village in northern Canada. "When people find out that this is a private yacht, their astonishment climbed eye on his forehead," - shared his impressions the inhabitants of the village. Octopus is one of the largest yachts in the world. In the latest ranking of superyachts Camper & Nicholsons she took the tenth place. According to the Coast Guard, Octopus informed the authorities that he was going to go through the writers hailed the Northwest Passage. This sea route through the Arctic Ocean along the coast of North America through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. No Côte d'Azur, beaches, and other attributes of a beautiful life. Only the harsh wind, the salty ocean and the rock cliffs. Passage of this route can be really dangerous adventure, so unnecessarily in these parts the ships do not come. Many brave souls who tried to pass through the passage, and did not return home, but their ships are based in Arctic waters. Not all vehicles are suitable for such an adventure, but Paul Allen can risk: Octopus has a reinforced hull and even if something happens, there is a helicopter on board to evacuate. As suggested by the editor of Power and Motoryacht Alyssa Haak, many wealthy people are tired of the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. "People want to keep their ships into new unexplored places," - she says.


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