G-Power has created the fastest sedan in the world

German tuning company G-Power BMW M5-based to create the fastest sedan in the world. G-Power M5 Hurricane RR can compete on equal terms with the frisky supercars. Its maximum speed is 372 km / h, acceleration to hundreds of cars have enough 4, 35 seconds, and to 200 km / h and it accelerates in only 9, 5 seconds. German tuners have upgraded the car's engine to 800 hp crazy This upgrade of the machine, of course, is not cheap. The price of works is € 55 000, not counting the cost of the BMW M5. However, it makes sense to wait a bit with the purchase. G-Power promises to soon roll out in time even more powerful version of the car. Under the hood of the BMW will be 100 "horses" more so, the old speed record will certainly beaten.


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