10 best films of Woody Allen

The most famous bespectacled modern cinema, the intellectual father of comedy, directed by Woody Allen celebrates anniversary. His humor - small, skeptical - is legendary. The gossip about him as much as his films. Woody Allen and 80 never ceases to amaze, and each of his films is still a sensation.

Website has collected 10 best films of the genius of the movie neurotics and intellectuals fixated on psychoanalysis and its own complexes.

Midnight in Paris h3> Midnight in Paris

Nostalgic and writer Gil Pender hopeless romantic with his fiancee in Paris. Night walk leads him to the city of the 1920s, where they live and do Fitzgerald, Picasso, Gertrude Stein, Hemingway, Dali ... Gil realizes that he is part of this time and should remain there forever. The film has all the best, which is typical Allen movie: subtle parody, irony and exquisite aftertaste.

Annie Hall h3> Annie Hall

There is no point to praise the film. "Annie Hall" - the main achievement of Allen. The film tells the love story of a New York comedian, neurotic Alvy Singer and intellectual and aspiring singer Annie Hall. This picture is like a love song, listening to that, you know: it is impossible to live without love, even if nothing but tears, she can not bring. Diane Keaton and Woody Allen as himself - the duo have to see.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona h3> Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Beautiful heroine - a serious brunette (Rebecca Hall) and a frivolous blonde (Scarlett Johansson). Brutal protagonist - Javier Bardem. The scenery - sunny Spain. This brilliant film about love, passionate and deep.

Manhattan h3> Manhattan

42-year-old protagonist leaves his 17-year-old girlfriend for the former mistress of his best friend, and the work of the television writer - for the sake of writing a book. True, the book ahead of his ex-wife, who left him for another woman. Fascinating story plays an amazing cast: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Mariel Hemingway and Meryl Streep. The picture was a resounding success!

Match Point h3> Match Point

The life of a professional tennis player Chris Wilton is derailed. Hoping to beat fate he gets an instructor at the London club. But that it meets Nola fatal beauty, a love of life that makes it impossible. The most unexpected and energetic allenovsky film with references to "American Tragedy" Dreiser and "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky. This is the first picture of the director, starring Scarlett Johansson, which became his favorite young actress. The final picture, as usual, unpredictable and witty.

Selig h3> Zelig

This mockumentary story of Leonard Zelig, the human chameleon who can become a Chinese or Negro baseball or pilot, and easily change their political views or religion, depending on the circumstances and wishes of the people, which at the moment it is. In short, the picture of the warning signs of our times.

Sensation h3> Scoop

"The light comedy about sex, love, suspense and murder", - says the director about his film. The plot - an ambitious journalist (Scarlett Johansson) and an elderly magician (Woody Allen), who learn the startling news: the famous English lord ... a serial killer. A pair of fancy of American Jews in an aristocratic London fearlessly rushes in pursuit of sensation ...

Interiors h3> Interiors

It is the deepest and the saddest of all the pictures of the director. In fact, it is the American version of "Cries and Whispers" Ingmar Bergman, family drama, but without the tragic despair of the Swedish maestro. The history of the relationship of three sisters and their mother, suffering from a mental disorder after leaving her husband. Mother seeks life back on track, giving tips Interior design their daughters. The film 5 nominations for "Oscar", 4 - in the "Golden GlobeĀ».

The Purple Rose of Cairo h3> The Purple Rose of Cairo

The Great Depression. Dreamy waitress Cecilia escapes from reality to the nearest movie theater. Things get complicated when literally descended from the big screen hero of the film, and had come out of Hollywood actor who played him, start to fight for the girl's heart. Cecilia role played by the actress Mia Farrow, a long time has become the muse of director. The film is a funny and insightful, as usual with Allen.

Husbands and wives h3> Husbands and Wives

One couple waiting at the other guests, but instead of the traditional dinner hosts awaits bad news: their old friends decided to get a divorce. The reaction was followed by friends ambiguous: on the one hand, the divorce after so many years of marriage is terrible, on the other - so tempting. Remaining time of the film all four of their psychoanalysts tell what happened to them afterwards. The husbands have affairs with young girls, and his wife in no way inferior.

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