Mig Jagger and SuperHeavy recorded an album on the yacht of Paul Allen

Mick Jagger and his new band SuperHeavy to record their debut album took the superyacht billionaire Paul Allen's Octopus. For working musicians on board it was organized by a professional recording studio with all necessary equipment. Musicians escaped into the sea from prying eyes, and in an attempt to save their netlenochki from pirates. One of the participants SuperHeavy Dave Stewart, producer and founder of the Eurythmics, said that the artist went into a creative journey in secrecy. "We recorded all over the world: Los Angeles, Jamaica, Turkey, Italy, Greece, India, Miami - says Stewart. - Different people, different places. Paul Allen lent us his boat. Mick always recorded under pseudonyms like "Mr. Gibson 3.3" - very much in the spirit of "Ocean's Eleven friends." Boats - a very private place. " The structure of the new group, in addition to the above-mentioned people also included soul singer Joss Stone, the youngest son of Bob Marley - Damian and Indian composer AR Rahman - the author of the soundtrack to "Slumdog Millionaire." For creativity in the 414-foot (126 m 2) yacht Octopus - full play. Superyacht was designed by renowned studio Espen Oeino and built at the shipyard Lürssen in 2003. Octopus is one of the largest yachts in the world. Now she is on the twelfth place, but more recently has been in the top ten.


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