"Project 116" - a private carrier

Danish Yachts shipyard and Espen Øino Bureau reported that this summer will be launched on 38-meter superyacht, working title "Project 116". As immodest write designers, the ship "will usher in a new era in the design of high-speed ships." One of the innovations that will be implemented in the next boat will be an interesting addition - an airplane. Get a small private carrier. The idea to place the aircraft on the deck of the yacht, it must be said, is not the original. Earlier, Wally shipyard Monaco have announced the construction of a catamaran Aeroyacht 110 Designed by Gregor Tarjan. But Danish Yachts and does not claim the laurels of the pioneers. Most of all, the creators of "Project 116" ecological proud of his creation. The vessel's hull will be entirely made from composite materials, which gives a gain in weight as compared with conventional materials, at least one quarter. Low weight allows both to save fuel and to develop greater speed. Danish Yachts promises that the ship can accelerate to very impressive speeds of up to 52 knots (96 km / h). The creation of a light aircraft involved in the company LISA Airplanes. Aircraft LISA «Akoya» can fold their wings, so it takes up little space on the ship. For takeoff and landing using the sea surface. NB: In the video, released Danish Yachts are some discrepancies with the information on the technical data. In particular, the different length of the vessel (35 and 38 m) and speed (44 nodes and 48-52 knots).


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