The most expensive toy - a gold Bugatti Veyron

Model car Bugatti Veyron Diamond Edition, created by jeweler Stuart Hughes from London and Robert Gyulpenom modeller from Munich, without a doubt become the most expensive toy in the world. Its price - 2 million pounds, which is almost twice the cost of a real prototype. It is a smaller copy of the Bugatti Veyron on a scale of 1:18. Bugatti Veyron Diamond Edition is made of 7 kilograms of precious metals: silver, gold, platinum and diamonds by 7, 2 carats. On the creation of the model it took 2 months of operation, and all will be made only three such machines. What is particularly valuable - attention to detail. Under the hood, which can be opened, the engine is assembled from the smallest detail. The model is fully functional: the doors open, the wheels spinning. So this Bugatti can not only admire, but also to play with cars. If you do not mind, of course.


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