Bugatti Veyron. New Frontier

Bugatti is going to break another record speed. Lead engineer Jens Schulenburg in an interview with Autocar revealed that brand new car will be under the hood of 1600 horsepower, the weight of the supercar reduced immediately to 250 pounds compared to the current Veyron Super Sport. The combination of these properties allows Bugatti to accelerate from zero to a hundred km / h in just 1, 8 seconds, and the ceiling rate is very close to a crazy 500 km / h! When in 2005, Bugatti introduced the Veyron 16.4, launched a new era of supercars. Neither serial machine could not be compared with the creation of the French designers. But the crown of "King of the road" was hit by a US company SSC, whose SSC Ultimate Aero TT in September 2007 to set a new bar for speed 412 km / h. After nearly three years of Bugatti regained the yellow jersey, dispersed the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport to 431 km / h. SSC immediately announced a new car - Tuatara - which is to besiege the French arrogant. Guide Bugatti assured that they have something to say. It is expected that the new high-speed Veyron will present to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the spring of 2013. The race continues. However, ordinary buyers technical innovation not succeed fully assessed. Speed ​​serial supercar Bugatti Veyron artificially limited at around 415 km / h. Otherwise the car will not last long.


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