Formula Bugatti Veyron

Mark supercar Bugatti invited conceptual artist Bernard Vienna to create a unique interior of the machine for the December Art Basel Miami Beach. "I had no idea that it is possible to add, as originally Bugatti Veyron itself - a work of art" - the author shares his doubts. But the leadership of the automotive companies persuaded the artist to get to work. The main theme of the art car became mathematical and scientific formulas that are used by engineers in the design of Bugatti car. On the front of the machine Bernard Vienna imitated skinned paint, which grind the flow of air from the incredible speed of Bugatti Veyron. When driving at a speed of 405 km / h is easy to believe that the outer shell can not withstand a collision vortices. Close Interior decorated by the same formulas and monograms French artist. Art car Veyron Grand Sport Venet was created for display at an art exhibition, and plans for its sales company says nothing. Perhaps he will remain a work of art rather than utilitarian sports car.


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