Porcelain Bugatti Veyron

legendary car manufacturer Bugatti, spawned the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport - the car reach speeds of over 400 km / h - made a very strange marketing ploy. Together with the German company Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur, the exclusive manufacturer of ceramic tableware for the wealthy, she created a Bugatti Veyron L'Or Blanc («white gold»). According to the automotive campaign in such an unusual way, they continue the work of the founding father of Ettore Bugatti. "Bugatti has made a name that does not cast even the most exotic ideas" - says sales director Stefan Brangz. The car is released in a single copy, and different from its counterparts in that its body is decorated with interesting wavy inserts made of white porcelain. The owner is strongly recommended to fall even in minor accidents: unlike steel, porcelain is very bad bends - straightening would be very difficult (or rather impossible) task. The selling price of the car was $ 2, 34 million. Despite the fantastic price tag, the car stood for a long time. Less than a week as a porcelain beauty found a certain unnamed buyer from the UAE.


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