Made in China: the most expensive porcelain in the world

Porcelain Joseon: $1.2 million
Joseon porcelain ‒ white porcelain, which produced in Korea during the Joseon dynasty, which was in power from 1393 to 1910. Over these 5 centuries porcelain production suffered many changes. Other popular types of ceramic porcelain Choson conquered and love in China, especially the Ming dynasty.

Blood red porcelain: $9.5 million
In Chinese culture the color red means joy, pleasure, happiness. It is clear why the red porcelain was so popular despite the expensive cost. For the production of red China used a lot of materials, but the process was difficult and costly. Skills and production techniques, blood-red porcelain was lost during the Qing dynasty. Potters with experiments realized at a certain temperature, some types of porcelain are becoming a very beautiful color.

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Jihong porcelain: $10 million
Underglaze red porcelain was especially popular during the control of the Ming dynasty, thanks to him, there is another type of red porcelain, even brighter fire. Jihong porcelain was first used for religious ceremonies.

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