The most horrific medical instruments (10 photos)

Looking at these medical tool involuntarily reflect, as well, that they have not yet been used in medicine.

Scarifier 1874

Once this thing been vaccinated against smallpox. Four incisors pierced the skin with pustules already infected person, and then the same cutters dug into the delicate skin of the child.

Armchair for birth, the beginning of the 18th century

This is not a children's toilet seat - this seat gave birth to several generations of women. On the back - the icon to a woman in labor could at the same time to pray.

Mercury syringe and dressing packets, 1545

These items were found on the wreck, "Maria Rosa". Mercury syringe used to treat syphilis sailors.

Lancet for bloodletting 1850

In order to carry out the procedure of bloodletting, triangular blade presses on the vein, it is of no blood will flow.

Set to determine pregnancy, 1980

This kit for determination of pregnancy in the home used more recently. With this test it was possible to measure the content of human chorionic gonadotropin in urine. The set includes antiserum latex tubes and mixing container.

Set for craniotomy, 1771

Craniotomy used to treat epilepsy since ancient times. It was believed that through a hole in the head, you can release the "demons" from the head of the sufferer. However, this method was treated and other ailments - from migraine headaches to depression.

Beds for psychiatric patients, 1840

Device against involuntary erection, Germany 1894

In order to prevent the loss of the precious seed of the body's energy expenditure and waste, put on manhood and tightens the inner ring external (which spiked) so that in a relaxed state a little thorns are not dug into the flesh. But if there comes an erection, for example, at night, then the iron teeth "bite" and the young man woke up in pain.

Nippers Dental, 1860

Screw screwed into the aching tooth to him it was easier to grab and pull together the roots. And this without any painkillers!

I saw bones 1860

These instruments were used in the United States during the Civil War. Surgeons can directly on the battlefield elastic wrap around the bone saw and cut off the damaged part - so managed to keep most of the limb.



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