5 short stories about life and feelings

1. Faith
Once the entire village decided unanimously to pray for rain. On the appointed day all the people gathered on the central square ... but only one boy grabbed an umbrella. This is the Faith.

2. Trust
When you are playing with your child, toss it in the air, he joyfully laughs because he knows that you catch him. This is the Trust.

3. Hope
Every night we go to bed without any guarantee that wake up the next morning, but in spite of something we are again and again to use alarm clock. This is Hope.

4. Reliance
Every day we make plans for the future, despite the lack of certainty in life itself. This is the confidence.

5. overconfidence
Every day we see people around us are suffering, thousands of people around us cause each other pain causeless. We understand that and we are unlikely to avoid making similar mistakes ... and yet, in spite of any that we are all the same - get married!


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