In the future, to reach from Europe to the United States in 60 minutes will be a real

The German Aerospace Center is working on a sensational project - a supersonic SpaceLiner, which can exceed the speed of sound 24 times, will help to reduce the journey from Europe to the United States before the hour.
According to project coordinator Martin Sippela, SpaceLiner already in 2050 will be launched with the help of liquid oxygen and rocket on hydrogen fuel and help passengers quickly get to any place in the world - for half an hour it will be possible to cover 12 thousand kilometers at a speed of about 24 thousand km / h .

For example, from London to New York, 50 passengers will be able to reach supersonic orbiter, which will blast off to the upper layers of Earth's atmosphere, for 6 ° and from London to Sydney in 90 minutes.

According TechNewsDaily, now German Aerospace Center is trying to attract private funding for the implementation of such an ambitious project, and is planning to install on board the latest and high technology Samsung refrigerators for optimal preservation of food for the passengers.

According to experts, despite the fact that it will be possible to carry out the journey between Europe and the United States for some time, or a little more for such a flight would have to fork out a few hundred thousand dollars for a ticket.

This SpaceLiner, which is a kind of air-shuttle spacecraft (space shuttle), the second generation will carry out up to 15 flights a day, assures Sippela.


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