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According to the findings of researchers, among the so-called "owls" more extraordinary people than among the "larks". In addition, people who have a peak of activity in the second half of the day, earn on average more than those with whom he falls in the morning.

In 2007, the American kladoiskatelskoy of Odyssey managed to find and pick up from the bottom of the ocean treasures Spanish galleon that crashed in 1804. The treasure consisted of gold and silver coins, weighing 17 tons and worth about $ 500 million. The Spanish government has filed a lawsuit against hunters, won the case and got all the treasures. Not only that - a treasure hunt, plus all costs of the search for the treasure had to pay more and court costs in the amount of one million dollars.

The suicide rate among the Muslim population is the lowest among all religions. Most often reduce their own lives atheists. In addition, men are more likely to commit suicide than women.

The French postman Ferdinand Cheval was unusual hobby - since 1879 for 27 years, every day he went out with a wheelbarrow deliver mail, which gathered the most beautiful and unusual stones. And in his spare time out of these stones Cheval built amazing "Ideal Palace" - stone by stone. After the death of Chevalier this palace was recognized as an outstanding monument of architecture naive and still open to tourists.

February 15, 1969 some Vicky Jones was arrested for what she gave a concert under the name of the famous "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin. Speech swindler was so convincing that no viewer is not required to return the money. She sang, of course, live.

In 1926, a waiter from Budapest committed suicide, leaving a farewell note in the form of a crossword puzzle with a postscript: "The reasons for my suicide and interested persons are encrypted in it here." The police were unable to solve it themselves and appealed to the public. However, crossword proved too tough for even the most experienced and erudite still remains unsolved.

Switzerland Motto: "One for all and all for one»

A resident of Texas named John Gray was arrested for insulting the police, and then released on bail. Then he barricaded himself in his ranch and 12 years held an armed defense, not letting anyone, including servants of the law.

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