40 completely new words, which is not yet in Russia. But soon they will:

The feeling that there is a person whose position in the social networks has collected much more "likes" than he expected.

Post ghost
Note to the status or photo that was immediately removed by the author due to a spelling error, an unfortunate choice of words or stupidity.

Finger, who left to clean in order to be able to continue to use a smartphone or tablet without dirtying it.

Post to instagram, shows how well the author's life; usually pictures of food or travel.

Navigator secretary
Man, gaining SMS for someone who is driving.

Nothing expresses the human person deep in thought.

Seagull manager
Management style, in which the manager of a sudden raid on the facility, raises a lot of noise, crap everywhere, and then just as suddenly flies away, leaving behind a mess.

Phone yawn
The phenomenon is observed when one person gets the phone and looking at the screen, causing people around doing the same thing.

Users of social networks, which is when someone dies of celebrities, never misses an opportunity to write a post like: "Rest in peace, such a».

Bioalogicheskie hours
The physiological mechanism that causes the person to wake up on weekends at the same time as in the work.

Filled with love and deep affection between two men of traditional sexual orientation.

Coffee face
Scary face of a man who in the morning had not yet had time to drink coffee.

Computerize face
With a worried look take a quick look at the monitor to create the impression of total immersion in the work.

Use anti-social network
Add new friends, but never with them not to communicate.

Brotherly science
Stories that are referenced, for example, regular visitors gyms for which stories friends have more weight than research.

Divan medicine
Bottle, hidden behind a sofa or any other safe place alcoholic who pretends to be tied.

Book hangover
The feeling when the world seems to be imperfect and surreal due to the fact that the man had just finished reading a book, which was completely submerged.

Nominal ambush
Awkward situations when you face a seemingly familiar person, but do not have time to remember his name.

The indefinite period of time spent on Facebook from the moment when the man came into it, just to check if there are any new messages.

Home blindness
Failure to find any thing (often in his apartment) as long as someone does not come to the aid, despite the fact that the subject is in plain sight.

The situation in which she is, wishing to maintain friendly relations, while male person sees in it only for the object of courtship. The case of the opposite distribution of roles is called "frendzonoy».

The room, or any other living space, protects man from any female influence and presence.

A condition in which a person again and again turns off the alarm, managing to following his dream to see the new signal.

Avtoruchechnoe concern
Nerve and mindless clicking on the pen.

Modest boasting
Saying boastfulness which the author tries to mask or self-deprecating joke in the genre of "Who I do this?»

SMS torture
Waiting for reply to the message with a playful content.

Curbing shame
The feeling that a person experiences, have to wait for the green light when all the other pedestrians, thanks to the absence of cars, crossed the road on red.

Paralysis perfectionist
A condition in which a person can not get to work because of the fear that still will not be able to make it perfect.

Child supervision
Activities tech-savvy children, helping elderly parents (or other relatives) to deal with a computer or other electronic devices.


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