We lose strength when:

• say "yes", while I wanted to say "no»,
• smile, instead of crying,
• Do not rest,
• persuade myself to suffer a little, rather than to understand "For what purpose, I light it now suffer?»
• offended, rather than ask the person that we need,
• doing the wrong business,
• People are not interested, and we somehow come up with reasons continue to communicate with him,
• people with us most of the time talking about the negative,
• talk a lot about politics, utility tariffs, traffic jams, etc.
• gossip,
• a lot emotionally and talk about how others live,
• work on uninteresting, boring work,
• afraid,
• expect that someone will come (Santa Claus, Prince Leopold oligarch) and life will change,
• berated himself, considers himself unworthy, incompetent, luck,

We gain strength when:

• Meet new people,
• acquire new knowledge,
• When traveling,
• Overcome your fears,
• Try something new,
• Walk (not to be confused with the "run on the job" or go to the store, and it was a walk without a specific purpose),
• engage in creative,
• Communicate with nice people,
• communicate with the people who support us and believe in us,
• Engaged in your body (you can use any bodily practices, sauna, swimming pool),
• Free the physical space (think of how differently you feel in the renovated rooms),
• Free the emotional space (remember how you otherwise feel when managed to forgive and to say goodbye to a man),
• We say 'no' when you want to say "no" and say "yes" when I want to say "yes»,
• Getting to do what we want.

You choose.


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