12 best performances at the Super Bowl

Each performance in the finals of the championship of the National League of American Football USA - unsurpassed scale extravaganza. And this applies not only and not so much competitors as musicians, supporting their morale. Artists who over the years had the honor to organize a mini-concert at the break of the final match, always approach their work responsibly, professionally and with love. Love of country, sports, fans, and his vocation was held through the year and now, in 2014, for the Americans, and at the same time for the inhabitants of other countries, thanks to modern technology, sing not Michael Jackson and his young, dedicated and very talented fan Bruno Mars. The endless succession of generations - that's what really matters. Taken from the idol all the best and add something of their own - well worth it. In our music world such a trend, unfortunately, is not observed, but in the west all brilliant - just.

Michael Jackson, 1993

By unanimous decision of the show, held on 31 January exactly 21 years ago, it was recognized as the best in the history of "Super Bowl." Firstly, Michael - is Michael. The King of Pop not only had the desire and the right to speak badly - he just did not know how. Secondly, the show attracted a record for that time TV audience - live every movement of unrivaled musicians and dancers followed by 1, 5 billion people. Third, his show was bright promise, because Jackson has always been for peace in the world.

"Today we are united for a common goal - we all dream to turn the planet into a paradise, where they will prevail kindness, understanding and happiness. No one should have to suffer, especially our children. While the success of our ideas come! »

Diana Ross, 1996

Anniversary "Super Bowl" and he in 1996 celebrated its 30th anniversary, the audience noted in the company Dinah Ross, sung memorable hits «Stop in the Name of Love», Baby Love & quot ;, «I Will Survive», «Is not No Mountain High Enough »and many others. Show perched in second place by views on American television (again, according to the 96th year). By the way, you can estimate not only the soul singing diva, and stunning special effects for its time.

Christina Aguilera, Enrique Iglesias, Phil Collins and Toni Braxton, 2000

At the beginning of the new millennium, the organizers of the "Super Bowl" decided on the bold step of inviting Starship Troopers in the face of idols beginners late 90s and already proven stars. It turned out well, because felt the effort, work and, of course, a gift from above.

N`Sync, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, Aerosmith and Nellie, 2001

Best "symbiosis" and think hard. And when these people come into play, by the way one of the most popular personalities in the world of pop, rock and hip-hop - music, definitely have to look at.

U2, 2002

Bono and his musicians have dedicated the performance to the victims of 9/11 terrorist attack and called on Americans to unite.

No Doubt, Sting and Shenayya Twain, 2003

The trend to bring together seemingly very different performers - I personally like very much. So viewers surely more and more varied repertoire. True organizers abandoned this idea and now invite only one in turn and requests.

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake 2004

"Bad boy" Justin has fulfilled his promise: after the words «I'm gonna have you naked by the end of this song» («I undress you by the end of this song"), he still delights bared his partner Janet Jackson on stage. It is uncomplicated movement has provided this shows the status of the most scandalous in the history of "Super Bowl." By the way, the incident cost the CBS television network of 550 000 dollars.

Paul McCartney 2005

To calm the children could watch football and listen to good music, the organizers invited former Beatle Paul McCartney. He is, like Justin and Janet, did not get up, so the reputation of the event has been restored.

Prince, 2007

Two years later, the scene lit himself Prince.

Black Eyed Peas, Slash and Usher, 2011

Fergie and company performed a medley of the most famous and favorite hits, including «I Gotta Feeling», «Let's Get It Started» and «Where Is the Love?». By the way, very few people liked all this action: continue to pour in questions like, "Why did they sing so bad?" Or "Technical problems?».

Madonna, Nicky Minaj and MIA, 2012

If in 2011 it was for real, that is to say without a soundtrack, the 2012th, many have begun to doubt: and whether «Vogue», «Music», «Express Yourself," Like a Prayer "and" Give Me All Your Luvin "performed live? So the question asked himself and Elton John, Madonna criticized in an interview:

"Out of respect for all those who sang to you without a soundtrack, I could sing live. But no, because for you it is so difficult! & Quot;

Beyonce and Destiny Child, 2013

In the past year for a colorful presentation meet Beyonce and her former colleagues from the girl group «Destiny Child». Of course, the singer lived up to expectations and its performance was not in vain as the best in the history of the "Super Bowl" after a wonderful performance of Michael Jackson. But here, not without corrections - due to improperly configured microphones other girls was not heard.

Bruno Mars, 2014

This weekend, headlined "Super Cup" will be Bruno Mars. Musician preparing for this event almost six months, so the promises that it will be hot!


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