Unforgettable draft 14-year-old photographer

Zev Hoover aka Fiddle Oak (nickname "Oak Skripochka"), 14-year-old photographer, attracted the attention of people in the world that photographing the surrounding reality. But he sees it originally.

According to Zed, the first time the boy became interested in photography at age 8 when his mother told him about the physical properties of optics and the miracles that you can create using photos of objects.

The young talent has always been interesting, but as people would have seen the world, whether they are Lilliputians. And maybe it will be interesting for adults to learn how to see the world of small children?

The idea to create something similar occurred to him one day when walking through the woods with her older sister. 18-year-old girl helped her brother to realize his idea. Photographs Zev own sister as editing photos in thumbnails and settles adult brother and sister created worlds.

Many learned of the boy's unusual hobby themselves asking for photographs.
Zev is interested not only photos, but also aircraft, flight and Aerotekhnika.

Incidentally, the image of a man sitting on the violin became the hallmark of young talent. On one of the photos, where the girl and boy sitting on the bank of the raft on the pond, he depicted himself and his sister.

In the processing of each photo children spend up to 8 hours. Shooting Zev makes using the camera D7000 Nikon.


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