The company has released a ZEV electric car with record payload

If you take the van and reduce it four times, you get ZEV T3-1 Micro. This quaint, fully enclosed electric tricycle triple the car looks tiny, but its trunk can hold up to 160 pounds of cargo.

The American company continues to produce ZEV electric vehicle with zero emissions. Their cars look pretty silly sometimes, but they are very practical. From T3-1 Micro only two doors, one front seat, and the rear 90-inch seat can accommodate two children or one adult. Like other model ZEV, this car is running on electric motor power 4 kW, which is enough for a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour and the capacity of the basic silicate battery lasts for 80 kilometers. You can also buy a car with lithium battery, which will suffice for 80 kilometers.

T3-1 Micro is, by and large, a scooter with a roof and Windows, he even has the wheel as the scooter and no pedals. In some countries it can be registered as a moped which does not require a license. Thus it is quite practical and ideal, for example, to deliver goods around the city.

The price T3-1 Micro is 5490 $ in the standard model with a lithium battery will cost 8990 dollars. published


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