The facade of the school is the largest solar power plant

In Denmark opened a new campus of an educational institution — the Copenhagen international school (Copenhagen International School). The main feature of object — facade, which "in combination" is a solar power plant.

12 thousand photovoltaic modules, tinted in different shades of sea green and changing the shades depending on the lighting and angle of view, occupy a total area of 6 048 square meters.

This large solar plant will generate approximately 300 megawatt hours of electricity per year providing approximately half the energy needs of the school. Educational institutions are working day – in the same hours the solar plant produced energy.

Supply original thin-film photovoltaic solar modules was carried out by the company from the United Arab Emirates, Emirates Insolaire, a division of Dubai Investments.

Technology tinting modules invented by the Swiss specialists from the Laboratory of solar energy and building physics at the Lausanne Polytechnic school (EPFL). It does not use paint. Color solar modules is given in the process of light interference, which was developed in the Laboratory for more than 12 years. The interference of light is one of the staining methods.

This is the principle we can see on soap bubbles or oil slicks on water. In this case, for tinting special filters with a thickness in nanometers, which are applied on glass panels. The design of the filter determines the light waves which long will be displayed as a visible color. The rest of the sunlight is absorbed by a solar panel and converted into energy.

By the way, the production of solar energy will be studied in the classroom schools directly on the basis of monitoring of their solar power plant.

Of course, the solar modules can be used as façade (and roof) materials instead of the usual metal, ceramic granite and others. We talked about wonderful self-contained house with several apartments in Switzerland, where the whole facade is covered with a tinted thin-film solar modules. Of course, exterior solar power – expensive. At the same time as continuing to reduce the cost of solar modules (and subject to the energy produced by them), an increasing number of objects will be applied is integrated into the shell of a photovoltaic generating device. published


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