Food Art by Samantha Lee

We will not argue that photographing food is fashionable. This is so everyone knows. Here are the ideas sometimes tugovato, and even with a creak. Like and imagination is, and to create something very simple, tasty, but thematically - turns out not at all. Well, hope you Samantha photos of dishes to please. And if not, look at other people's creativity is always nice. And then eat, of course.

His first courses Samantha began to create in 2008, when she was trying to teach her daughter to eat on their own. It is known that children are not interested there is just so fun and food awakens the appetite and imagination.

Get the hand, so Samantha got into the taste that began to construct their art dishes one after the other.

Angry bird from Angry Birds

Audrey in "Breakfast at Tiffany»

Kremlin in Moscow

Forgotten little family Flintstones

«Spooky spooky - very spooky
What's that? It's a witch »
Girl witch of songs about Halloween

Merida, Brave

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Sovushka, clever fellow

Immortal Elvis


Garry Potter, just Harry

Michael Jackson

Leaning Tower

Guard royal residence in Britain

Pacman. Although more like a vicious piranhas.


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