Rough day

According to the formula, invented nine years ago Briton Cliff Arnellom today, January 20 - the most depressing day of 2014. In 2005, Arnell commissioned by travel company Sky Travel, which specializes in entertainment services, decided to calculate the saddest day of the year. He did this by inventing the following equation:
[W + (Dd)] xTQMxNA, where W - weather, D - debts, d - money, T - time elapsed since Christmas, Q - the time during which a person feels bad, M - motivation and finally, NA - the desire to act and anything menyat.

Turned out to be the worst day of the third Monday in January. Although the formula was devised as a joke, people's faith in the worst day of the year has taken root. The British called it blue monday - ¬ęBlue Monday", and on the eve of actively share tips, "how to survive the worst day of the year." The simplest (and most English) means comfort - a cup of hot chaya.

It is worth noting that the same equation helped Arnellu calculate the happiest day of the year - it usually happens in mid-June.



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