These are real, moving stories from the lives of people who are able to touch the chord of the soul and cause a warm feeling, and maybe even inspire someone on the accomplishment of good deeds. Live expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.
* Recently, I went to the secondhand bookshop and bought a copy of the book that was stolen from my childhood. I imagine my surprise when I opened it and saw that it is my stolen book. On the first page it was my grandfather's name and signature, who gave it to me. He wrote: "I very much hope that after many years, this book will get back to you in your hands and you read it."

* * * Three weeks ago, I donated clothes for the homeless, and today, walking through the park, I saw a woman, which was wearing my shirt. I smiled at her and said: "Excellent shirt!", And she smiled and agreed, "Yeah, I like it too!"

* * * I have diabetes. Two years ago, my mother died and I took it to my cat China. Recently, at three o'clock in the morning, I awoke to the fact that Keith was sitting at my feet and mewed. I've never heard that he did so loudly and persistently. I got up to see what had happened, and suddenly felt very weak. I grabbed the meter to find out the level of glucose in the blood. He fell to 53, while the doctor told me that the normal level - is 70-120. Later, in the hospital, I was told that if Keith did not wake me, I could not wake up.

* * * My dad - best dad, which you can only dream of. For the mother it is a wonderful loving husband, caring father to me, I do not miss any of my soccer game, plus he's a great master of the house. This morning I climbed over the pliers in the tool box of his father and found there an old note. It was a page from his diary. The recording was made a month before I was born, it was said, "I'm an alcoholic with a criminal past, who was kicked out of college, but for his still unborn daughter, I'll change and become the best father in the world. I will be for it the Pope, which I never was. "I do not know how he did it, but he did it.

* * * My cat ran away from home. I am very worried because she thought that he could not see him. It took about a day after I have pasted the ad about the loss and called me a man who said that my cat had. It turned out that this is a beggar, who spent 50 cents on what to call me from a payphone. He was very nice and even bought my cat food bag.

* * * Today, I watched in horror from the kitchen window, my two year old son slipped while playing near the pool, and fell into it. But before I could come to the aid of our Labrador Rex pulled him by the collar out of the water.

* * * I was riding in a taxi to work, when the level of sugar in my blood and I suddenly fell unconscious. I woke up in the hospital, where a nurse told me that the taxi driver on hand brought me to the police. Moreover, he broke a lot of rules that will take me to the doctors, but the officer in default for them to learn the cause of violations, rather than pick it up, shook his hand.

* * * Today we have brought to the hospital a little girl, she had an accident. She needed a rare blood group. The hospital came to her parents and twin brother, who had the same rare group that she had. I explained to him that his sister is in need of blood and it's a matter of life and death. He thought of something a moment, and then said goodbye to his parents, he went with me to the ward. When we were finished with him and I told him that he may rest, he suddenly asked me: "How? Did not I die? "That is the moment when he agreed to donate his blood, he was sure it would kill him. But for the sisters, he was ready to give his life.

* * * Today, I caught a taxi, but get to the place found that he had forgotten the purse and pay me nothing. Then the man who ran to a taxi to take my place, I paid for. I asked him how I could pay him back and he gave me a business card with the address with the words: "You can leave them here." When in the evening I arrived at this location, I saw that this building charitable foundation.

* Large stray dog ​​chased me from the underground station almost to the house. I was starting to get nervous. But suddenly in front of me from somewhere came a guy with a knife in his hand and demanded my wallet. Before I could react, the dog attacked him. He dropped the knife and I ran away. Now I'm home, safe, and all thanks to that dog.

* * * Today, I and my boyfriend were sitting in a cafe and I noticed that every time someone passes by, he leans over to me and kissed me on the cheek. I asked him why he was doing, and he smiled and said that he wanted everyone to know that I was his girlfriend. We both lost their spouses about ten years ago. They suffered from cancer. But we were able to fall in love again. Everyone has a second chance.

* * * I always wear your seat behind the wheel. But today I had to get a map from the glove compartment and I undid the belt. When I leaned out of the truck, who was standing at a traffic light in front of me I had the longest aluminum tube. She broke the windshield and crashed straight into the driver's seat, right in the place where a moment ago was my head. Police arrived at the place for a long time amazed at how much I was lucky.

* * * Today, when I was sitting on a bench in the park, I saw an elderly couple. They stopped the car under the old oak tree, included jazz music and began to dance a slow dance. They held hands and did not take their eyes off each other. Then they got back into the car and drove away.

* * * Today, I saw a young man in a supermarket. He had two gift cards and he bought them a few video games. When he was about to leave, the cashier told him that he had left on the map are 12 dollars. Then he returned to the store, picked up a bouquet for $ 10 and paying for his card at the checkout, the cashier gave. It is a long time could not wipe the smile off his face even after he was gone.

* * * Today, my son hugged me and said: "You are the best mom in the world!" Then I asked him: "Why do you think that? You know that all the mothers in the world? "And he replied:" You are my whole world! "


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