What is resilience?

Take in one hand and a small rubber ball, and in another - the same size ball of clay. Throw them on the floor with the same height.
How to behave the ball and the ball, what changes happened to them after the fall? Why clay does not bounce, and the ball bounces - maybe because it is round, or because it is red, or because it is rubber?

Encourage your child to be a ball. Touch the baby's head by hand, and he let a little sit down, bending your knees, and when remove your hand, let the child straighten legs and bounce. Let the kid jumped like a ball. Then explain to the child that takes place with the ball the same thing with him: he bends his knees and pushed a little ball when falling to the floor, he straightens his knees and jumps up and rectified with balls that going. Bouncy ball.

A plasticine or wooden ball is not resilient. Tell your child, "I'm going to touch your hand to the head, and you do not bend the knees, be not resilient».

Touch the baby's head, and he let as a wooden ball does not bounce. If your knees do not bend, then jump impossible. You can not straighten the knees which have not been bent. Wooden ball, falls to the floor when not pressed, and therefore not straightened, so he does not bounce. He did not resilient.


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