Estonian went to tour around the world

44-year-old mechanical engineer Mait Nilson gathered amphibious vehicle based on the Toyota Land Cruiser, spent on the job for about 7 years.
Mait was going to cross on its amphibians are not only mountains and plains, and even rivers, seas and oceans. To check, he spent about 200 hours in the sea in the amphibious vehicle. "I dreamed about this since 10 years" - he said, drove away from the launch pad in his car, which Mait Nilson called Amphibear. The SUV is equipped with four-wheel drive, and refinement of mechanical engineer Mait allowed to transform it into a 10-meter cross between a boat and a catamaran with a sports anchor, hydraulic pump and even a portable toilet. The back door Toyota Land Cruiser built in cooker. Under the hood, the engine was Toyota D4D, which produces 170 hp

However, as the amphibian Amphibear has some disadvantages compared to a conventional boat. It has a higher center of gravity and less space reserved for the crew and equipment. According to Nielsen, the advantage of amphibians based on Land Cruiser is a low drag, which means that the boat capsize less risks than sailing catamaran.
"The first in line will be the Straits of Gibraltar and the river Senegal. Then I'll go first to conquer the ocean. They will be the Atlantic Ocean "- said Mait Nilson, in an interview to the press.

«Amphibear can pass through the water 222 km per day under ideal conditions. Most of the path is divided into segments at the intersection of which require not more than 5 days when the weather permits us to do that. On the ground, my Land Cruiser can drive at speeds up to 110 km / h, "- said the traveler. He intends to travel through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Cape Verde, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, Canada and Russia. In total, his journey of 60 thousand kilometers. At different stages of the path Mait Nilson will be accompanied by several co-pilots.

On Thursday, December 26 went round the world trip on a homemade amphibious vehicle Estonian Mait Nilson was forced to throw the car in the middle of the ocean.

Later amphibian Amphibear climb aboard a Norwegian ship Geoholm. Nilsson told Delfi, because of the high waves of the vehicle suffered one setback after another.

Due to technical problems had to interrupt the journey of 260 kilometers from the Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic Ocean (620 km from the coast of Africa - approx. Ed.). Nilsson went towards Brazil.
"Broken rotor mount," - said a member of the crew Kristjan Kalda. In addition, there are other problems, for example, one of the sections of the pontoon found to leak. Nevertheless, the car remains afloat.

According Kalda, Nilsson life is not threatened. Problems persist because the waves rose. In amphibians and broken pontoon. Nielsen added that he was able to pump out water from amphibians, but Amphibear still leaning to one side.

Here's a first attempt. Good Nielson if remembered the waves that are in the ocean, be sure to have everything worked out!




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