Top amphibious vehicles

Amphibious Cars - very specific representatives of the automotive industry. These vehicles allow you to move with equal success both on the roads and there on the water surface. In this review we will focus on the most popular and high-quality transport such swatches created in this and the last century.

1. VW Type 166


Scientific and technological progress is traditionally driven by two things - the crisis of anything and war. Frankly, there is nothing that moves science war. That during the Second World War, the world was just incredible number of the most unusual models of equipment. One of these was the amphibious vehicle VW Type 166.

2. Gibbs Aquada


Cars Gibbs Aquada amphibious almost all family. Available in several versions. Yes, including the amphibious off-road. In the late 90-ies of the last century on the Gibbs Aquada was an absolute record for speed on water among this class of cars. Richard Branson drove the car. It should also be noted that Gibbs Aquada was designed primarily for the need to police and rescuers.

3. Bond's Lotus Esprit


Bond's Lotus Esprit concept car appeared quite a long time. The only thing that distinguishes it from all the other cars in this class, it's the possibility of turning into a full submarine, albeit with a small depth of immersion.

4. Amphicar


Even today, old man Amphicar remains one of the best amphibians. The thing is that this car malopriglyadny provides better flotation on the surface of the water, thanks to its special shape of the body and the incredible power of the engine. Designed it is true, only two people.

5. Ferrari Barchetta


That is, Ferrari have also tried to create amphibians. A good example of this is the model Barchetta. The first such car was designed by engineers well-known brand even in the middle of the last century. Last sample, to date, produced in the 90-ies of XX century.

6. Wooden F50


The most unusual amphibian - it Wooden F50. As you can see in the photo, the car is almost entirely made from virgin. As for performance, it flies really very good, as well, and any other timber, hit the water.

7. Dutton Surf


Amphibious vehicle Dutton Surf never been a serial, though, because it is a unique artisanal model. It was created based on the Suzuki car brand. For such a modification of designer enthusiast according to some data almost landed in jail. The worst has not happened, but the car he was no longer modifies.

8. Watercar Python


Amphibian Watercar Python today is one of the fastest. Moreover, it is one of the few models who has access to swimming in the open sea. On the water Convertible develops a tremendous speed.

9. Buick Riviera


Hard to believe, but Buick Riviera - too amphibious vehicle. Despite its age, the machine boasts some good driving dynamics and swimming qualities. Moreover, it can be used for boating.

10. Rinspeed Splash


And here is the most unusual amphibian. Unlike most other machines of this type, Rinspeed Splash uses special retractable skis to glide through the water. Created car was back in 2004.


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