The rarest frogs in the world

On our planet there are 555 types of frogs and that's not counting such as toads, tree frogs, poison dart frog, etc., These amphibians have a typical body structure — large with a wide toothless mouth, the head, bulbous eyes and long limbs, but in General have a graceful and attractive in comparison with frogs. And the color color of their body is quite original, and in some instances even very unusual.

The smallest frog on the planet, Whistler is considered to be Cuban (Cuban dwarf), long only 8.5 and 11.8 mm. But the biggest frog is the Goliath frog. This giant grows more than 30 cm, and has average weight 3-3. 5 kg. But there are also record instances with a weight of 6 kg.

There are such amazing creatures called glass frogs, which are completely transparent abdomen through which you can see all the internal organs of life amphibians and even ripening eggs.

A frog with the changing climatic conditions of our planet are on the verge of extinction. One such species is the purple frog. It is the oldest preserved only in one tiny area of forest in the Indian sahyadri hills. And found out about its existence only in 2003. She lives deep in the soil, leaving his hideout only in the season of heavy rains and then only for a few weeks.

About frogs can talk a lot and all kinds of wonderful and original. And their bright outer colors and shapes can be judged as looking at this set of photos.




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