Alex Kurilko. "Tamara and Demon". Eccentric comedy with elements of black humor of philosophy and the hard

So who are close to us in spirit and pleasant? Senior brother? His name Demon.
He, no doubt, is smart. Cunning rogue, talented. And always ready to bend to his kontsa.Ne was afraid, and his father! Though he and God. But whether rights in the Demon? Who knows. And who is about to judge? To that vouchsafed to please the poor man under the authority of the Amur. And he fell in Tamaru.Da, death. It would seem - not a couple! (But you should have seen her! Oh yes, my friends, I know it!)
With his father beauties (the retired military was) able to negotiate Demon spore
But God was angry Maid killed. But then, heeding the pleas, he decided on a miracle.
And with the death-bed, he lifted the maiden more beautiful than was previously
But he died. You say, "That's nonsense! After all, God is immortal. That can not be! ┬╗
Do not jump to conclusions. Yes, most likely, it was a trick,
To check who was capable of. There is also the younger brother.
So right, docile, tolerant, that I want it, by God, to strangle. And what is he?
We have to serve him the brother elder, because he is now God alone.
Though a lot of centuries and was in disgrace. And vomiting Jr., the great sorrow he.
And then God resurrected. Or maybe recreate? What will happen next?
Not one question remained. A lot of them. Very much. Darkness. They are innumerable. But if
Questions are not afraid, come. And behold. And will you high for a half hour.


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