Alex Kurilko. "Erofeev. Hangover angel ".Tragikomediya (very relative)

Venechkom traveling from the capital. Route it simple - Moscow-Petushki. It would seem that complicated? The trouble is that the obstacles on his way there are formidable. And okay, if it hamovatye waitress and Jagged administrator who do not want to understand the morning rush hungover soul and give him a glass of sherry. Or drunk lady in the park, just the same to help relieve morning shivering body and soul. But it may declare and does not characters of our ordinary and familiar world. And take off to explain - you need to have a particular strength of mind and understand the allegory of their communication style.
However, persistent and unyielding character. Because the purpose of waiting for him at the end of a very special way. These girls will not do either in Moscow or in St. Petersburg, there was one such - Petushki. And there it is waiting for a young son who is two years mastered the letter "u" as in writing and orally. And no force majeure or state of permanent intoxication can not prevent venechkom fulfill his Prednazanachenie. At what cost? And it is this important?


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