"Criminal classic or offensive subject." Genre - Literature from Kurilko

"Criminal Classics┬╗
He came to replace the lesson literature teacher, his girlfriend, who was not able to conduct a lesson after a stormy night held. Because it could not do otherwise, because he - man. From a world where the male is valued more than the ability to make money. Do not be afraid, do not believe, do not ask. At one time he almost like O.Bender, thundered on quite trifling case in jail Lukyanovka (crossing the road in the wrong place - who does not happen), where he met with a man who infected him with a love of literature. But, due to the peculiarities of an already established by the time of experience, he has a few dissenting opinion and attitude to literature and classics. He treats his own "Eugene Onegin" and "Woe from Wit", gives an estimate of the facts of life and their great deeds. Excursion to the letters of Pushkin and Griboyedov in the interpretation of the hero and the description of the circumstances of the death of writers maintained throughout the performance degree of tension.
The genre is can be described as a drama with elements of comedy and crime. So "purely neighing" will not work here. With a minimum of aids (after all, a solo performance) for 100 minutes we get more questions than answers.
That's what Kurilko.


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