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Meet former Russian citizen Yuri Gorbachev, a successful businessman and former soldier who moved to live in Belarus three years ago. A once small village house, which is located on the banks of the Daugava River, he was able to build a full farmsteads! All expansion it took him two years. Details about the subject of pride businessman read on. Jury special pride - the kind that opens from the bedroom and the adjoining terrace.

Yuri was already used for the first reaction of the guests who visited his home. We go through the gate, on the paved path goes to a steep cliff that looms over the rapid river, freeze delighted and exhale: "Beauty." Then, the host leads visitors into the living room, tea and cranberry treats, and those in silent delight can not look away from the panorama outside. Yuri smiles, scratching behind the ear cat Marquis, following it literally on the heels, and waits for the first excitement subside. He knows something - in the evening the guests waiting for the sunset and in the morning - dawn. It is a place bewitched him three years ago, can not get bored, become familiar.

- The desire to have a house by the river or on the lake, I had always - says Yuri. - In 2010, I came to Braslau other - served together in the army. Really I liked the nature, thinking about how to realize the old dream, go, look for a place. So, we stopped once in Druyu. I stood on the bank of the river, looked at the island in the middle, and immediately understood - everything is done in order to build a house here. For land had, of course, to compete - I tried to persuade the owners to sell it for a long time, but eventually, after two weeks, the deal still managed to consolidate.

At redemption plot of 20 hectares was an ordinary farmhouse, a barn, a cowshed. Construction began in the same year. At first, Yuri conceived to build a "mansion for the holidays", to know every six months to rest. But soon really I consider to move here permanently.
- The house was built two years - worked by local specialists, - says the owner. - With construction personnel in the Belarusian provinces, of course, there are problems. The town house I built for four months! There had to be busy for much longer. He lived in an old cottage - furnace heating, water from a well, in general, all the charm of village life. First I built a "master's" part of the house to move in civilized conditions. Spent water, proper sewage system did. The house has underfloor heating, hot water, a sauna, a heated building geothermal installation.

Fireplace in the living room also serves as a furnace for the sauna. 40 minutes raskochegarivaet it to 100 degrees. The table is made with their own hands for two days.

- Soon got the idea to engage in agritourism, - says the owner. - To be here to see such beauty and not to share with others - a crime. From the old country house made the dining room with a bar, it was attached to the terrace on the second floor living room organized. It connects the old house to the new one more extension numbers. Each of them - separate bathroom, shower. It turned out good.

Now I can take up to 20 guests at a time. When business will unfold, it will be necessary to look for mates, this is a problem. In Druya, unfortunately, all sensible people to work or travel, or already have a stable source of income. And those who are "free" is usually tight friends with alcohol. Incidentally, I noticed an unusual trend in general - in our area driving a car a lot of women, because the men of the rights of drunk driving deprived.

The first guests arrived in farmsteads George this spring, just in time for the flood. "The river rose to 12, 5 meters, like for 55 years was not, - says the businessman. - I'm on the site pike caught. Podtopilo bath, half meter fence is completely gone under water ยป.

- Do you regret that the city moved to the backwater?
- Not a bit. City, be honest, has become a strain. I wanted silence, peace. Look at the view from my bedroom! In summer, the window is open, falling asleep under the sound of water in the shallows. Spring wake up, I look out the window, and there are deer on the ice. Beavers often come to the site, they spend the winter just a few meters behind the fence. And when in Minsk for sometimes come, staying overnight at a friend's apartment flats. Lying in the dark, as if in a concrete cage, and I think, would rather have the morning rather be home.

Druja, according to Yuri proved surprisingly comfortable town for "hermits". It is located on the border with the European Union, it is not allowed any harmful production. Environmental conditions - close to perfect, Belarusian products are always pleased the Russian citizen. Nature - stunning: fishing, hunting. A lot of historical monuments. What's a man tired of city life, it is necessary?

- Conditions for the creation of farmsteads in Belarus is also very good: taxes, one might say, ridiculous - 135 thousand a year, - says the owner. - If we approach the matter with the mind, you can get quite good, even by Russian standards, income. I'm still just starting your business, advertising, gave only one site, but now for the New Year I planned visit. On Braslav comes a lot of Russians, but personally I do rest mostly citizens of Minsk. I know that in the farmsteads that run 5-7 years and provide high-quality services, the rooms are already booked for the entire summer season.

Each Agriturismo trying to attract visitors something special. Yuri sure that his main "trick" - the location. Yes, it can offer people a Russian bathhouse, fishing, and in the future - swimming in the pool (it is still under construction) on the banks of the river. But the main advantage of the area - nature. Nearby is the only natural waterfall in Belarus, the amazing beauty of God's Eye Lake, the depth of which is at the center, according to local residents, up to 30 meters and more.

And indeed Druja very interesting object for tourists. There is a picturesque ancient Jewish cemetery, the monastery complex, church, church, Borisov stone.

But this nondescript building, according to the indigenous inhabitants of the town, a century ago it was a brothel.

Yuri conducts a tour of the city and the county, and I can not believe that this man came here for the first time three years ago. He knows just about anything, waving a greeting to a passing cart, give a signal from the car, shaking his hand. The owner farmsteads young passionate history of the town and district.

- It is very important that I do not feel like a stranger here - he says. - When the Soviet Union crumbled, I was in Kyrgyzstan, deputy battalion commander. I was then offered - or to take the oath to the new government, and dismissed for redundancy. The second oath, I did not want to give, so I left the service and went into business. Raise children, build a house in the Eagle, he had become a grandfather. In Belarus, the Russians are the most tolerant. And I sincerely hope that I will not for a local "come in large numbers", will bring benefits to the country and help people enjoy life in the same way as I do.



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