Pretty much the case of bygone days. We grew familiar enough jaunty Kinder, but his speech is not very evolved. And young parents and grandparents were very worried that their child for a long time can not learn to speak clearly and strongly distorts words.

Communication with Stasik happened in the following manner:
"A minute ktё prisolit here? Ities Sasa daddy? »
"Kisinka buit kashulku?»
"Sho Sho, Tawau spatki a treasure!»

An attempt to bring to the consciousness of adults thought that would be nice to change the style of communication for business use, perceived as dirty assault on childhood of their offspring. And the boy for a long time continued to grow in the dark, how actually sounds normal human speech.
But then he was sent to a garden (well, a variety of circumstances have developed, does not matter). Clearly swear he learned earlier than speak properly.


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