Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson of the Russian.

I recently spent a week in Russia - a country where, it seems, did not invent manners.

When an administrator at the reception of the hotel requested your passport, it says "Could you show your passport for a moment, sir, if you are not much more difficult?". She says: "Passport". And if you can not find it in three seconds, then adds: "Rather!».

If you ordered a meal, which is currently not on the menu, there will be no long awkward explanation from the waiter. He simply says, "It's not." And if you try to drag your luggage through the revolving door, no one will wait patiently until you solve the problem. Will constantly push the door is in the bag you will not beat all, and all the fingers are not repulsed.

When the British Top Gear fan-wants to be photographed with me, he spent hours explaining how his son watches the show on the channel «Dave» and how it can mimic me and everyone in the house "pray" for our transfer. In Russia, just say: "Photo". And if they do not have a camera with you, you say stand and wait until they go home and not take it.

Same story with the so-called polite discussions. Russian do not support the counter-arguments are subtle hints, and simply say, "You are wrong." Here's a conversation I had:
- World is ruled by Jews.
- I understand what you're saying, but I think that's not the reason.
- You are wrong.
- But there are many examples ...
- I said, you're wrong.

For the British it all very weird. But some time later, I began to realize that bad manners will save a lot of time and nothing you do not need. When someone spends your evenings on every empty-headed nonsense, just say that they are wrong and walk away. The butcher does not bother a little conversation. Just say "two patties" and wait until you are told the price. When one lagging on the sidewalk, push it away from the road. The bar does not try to catch sight of the bartender. Just shout out your order from the end of the queue.
This certainly works in "Aeroflot". The plane begins to rise, although not all were seated, and the landing will not rub nonsense about the weather, and the pilot does not wish to further successful trip. You are told to sit up straight and remain in place until the plane stops. But no one listens.

Even at home, at the airport "Heathrow", I came across quite a sociable immigration officer. "For a long time been on?" - He asked politely. I saved two seconds, not bothering to answer.



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